HydraScience AHD3 Multi-hydrating

HydraScience AHD3 Multi-hydrating

Combines overall well-being and deep relaxation with high performance. This supercharged treatment re-activates the skin’s natural hydrating mechanisms by teaching the skin to self-hydrate. Leads to visible results from the very first treatment:

  • visibly younger-looking skin surface

  • exceptional comfort

  • suppleness, softness, freshness and glow!

These immediate benefits are increased when doing a cure and the following positive effects are added:

  • reinforced skin’s resistance to environmental and climatic stresses

  • a stronger and less reactive skin

  • a greater vitality
Treatment duration: 60 minutes.
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  • AFTER 28 days of use
    AFTER 28 days of use

Based on Aquaporines, a discovery  for which a Nobel Prize was awarded, the development of HydraScience AHDrepresents a spectacular breakthrough in skin self-hydration.This smart treatment aims at boosting the self-hydrating mechanisms of the epidermis. It releases its exceptional benefits right where optimal hydration occurs by re-energizing the natural hydrating mechanisms weakened by age and several environmental and climatic stress factors:

  • The cutaneous barrier is reinforced for a long time;

  • The skin is instantly plumped, hollow areas are filled out and features are smoothed;

  • Wrinkles and fine lines are immediately reduced and the complexion is glowing. Skin’s youthfulness is restored!

HydraScience AHD3 is an advanced “cocooning treatment” that combines overall well-being and deep relaxation with high performance. It stands out by the application of a “5-consecutive layer mask” and the fact that its formulation includes more than 50 complementary actives of vegetal, biotechnological or mineral origin. Its fresh and delicate aromas are in perfect harmony with innovative, refined textures for the pleasure of the senses.