SeboBalance Cleansing Fluid Milk

SeboBalance Cleansing Fluid Milk

Refreshing, melting cleanser with an incredibly silky, innovative texture, created  specifically for oily skin. Thanks to its “high-tolerance” formulation containing exclusively  non-comedogenic raw materials and active ingredients, it:

  • gently eliminates make-up, excess sebum and impurities

  • purifies the epidermis

  • leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and supple

  • restores the skin’s original purity giving it an intense sensation of freshness

  • an exquisite aromatic blend of Tangerine and Rosemary adds purifying and toning benefits
Directions for use

Morning and evening, apply to the face and the neck and cleanse in circular motions. Rinse first with lukewarm water, then  with cold. Follow with the application of the SeboBalance Clarifying Lotion.

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