Pure - Anti-ageing Lash

Pure - Anti-ageing Lash

A true conditioning treatment that extends and densifies eyelashes. Formulated without parabens, without hormones or perfume, it is recommended for all who wish to reveal a gorgeous, younger look. Its ultra-performing formulation was developed to:

  • fortify existing lashes

  • protect them from environmental aggressions

  • help boost lash growth
Directions for use

The success of Pure Anti-Ageing Lash lies on the daily use of the product as a cure, for approximately 30 days. At night, gently remove make-up from lashes and eyelids. Complete cleansing with a damp facecloth. Dry delicately. Using the brush, apply at the root of the lashes of upper and lower eyelids. Let dry. This product being ultra-concentrated, only a small quantity is needed.

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