HydraCalm Moisturizing,  Soothing Mask

HydraCalm Moisturizing, Soothing Mask

A true anti-stress hydrating concentrate, HydraCalmMask restores moisture balance, helps calm skin and increases the skin’sresistance. It stimulates hydration mechanisms and provides irritated anddamaged epidermis layers with instant and long-lasting soothing relief, restoringthe skin’s comfort and softness. It reinforces the skin’s natural protectionand defenses, and reduces skin sensitivity and reactivity.

Directions for use
Onceor twice a week or when the skin is stressed, after carefully cleansing theskin, apply an average layer of HydraCalm Mask to the face and neck. Leave onfor 15 to 20 minutes. Then, massage in or remove any excess product with a dampcotton pad. Do not rinse. Follow with the day or night cream recommended byyour aesthetician, as needed.
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